Breakfast seminar and presentation of three member companies doing Business with Bangladesh

On February 13th, SBBC organized a breakfast seminar at Svensk Handel in Stockholm. The meeting commenced with a greeting by Maria Sandow who welcomed the participants on behalf of Svensk Handel. The event was moderated by Mickael Sepehri from SBBC.

The main purpose of the seminar was for three SBBC member companies to present their companies and share their activities and experiences doing business in and with Bangladesh.

Anders Sandlund, CEO presented his company Sustainably Yours AB which focused on designing and producing environment-conscious leather products under the brand SANDLUND/HOSSAIN. Sandlund/Hossain was founded in 2016 with a mission to make the most durable, sustainable and truly beautiful leather bags in the world. Today they are producing high-quality and eco-friendly leather products in Bangladesh using a 1,000-year-old tanning method and the leather products are sold  on the international market. Sandlund/Hossain springs from Böle spruce bark tannery above Sweden’s Arctic Circle. The family-run tannery, which Anders is now proprietor and heir of, has been making leather since 1899. Böle is today the globe’s last standing spruce bark tannery as well as premium leather goods maker and purveyor to the Swedish Royal Court. During the seminar he spoke about Sandlund/Hossain’s Cow Funder Initiative which sought to support local families with a cow through purchasing their products, and he inspired the audience to become a cow founder! Read more about the company click here>>.

Sanjeev Sharma, CEO, presented ExcelDots AB – a strategic product-consulting firm. Exceldots believes in bringing innovation to technologies to build a better and more sustainable world by leveraging the strength of their partner ecosystem and know-how of their core consulting team. With this approach, the company is able to  help their clients build innovation capabilities and uncover new business opportunities. ExcelDots have invented a sophisticated technology to discover arsenic, one of the most harmful chemicals, in the soil and in water. They are working with this technology in Bangladesh today. The company is currently looking for investments. Read more about the company click here>> 

Tom Bergström, Deputy CEO Indro AB, presented Indpro – a Swedish IT-company that has been working in global IT-delivery since 2005. Indpro was founded by three young Swedish engineers with a vision to help Swedish companies access IT skills, while at the same time creating opportunities for employment. Today, Indpro has its innovation center and head office in Stockholm, Sweden. They own offshore delivery centers, ODCs, in India and they have sales offices on three continents. Their largest office is located in the World Trade Center in India’s IT capital Bangalore. Tom shared some challenges with IT outsourcing, sourcing and the lack of talent resources within IT. Indpro are looking closer at the Bangladesh market today. Read more about the company click here>>

After the presentations the participants had the chance to mingle. Michael Sepehri thanked everyone for their active participation and adjourned the seminar.

Pictures from the event Click here>>

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