SBBC Kick-off with both Bangladesh and Swedish Ambassador on 23 February 2021

SBBC had an online kick-off event today with the presence of H.E. Ambassador Mr. Md. Nazmul Islam, Embassy of Bangladesh, Stockholm and H.E. Ambassador Ms. Alexandra Berg von Linde, Embassy of Sweden, Dhaka. Different Swedish companies doing or planning business in and with Bangladesh joined the event. President of SBBC Mr. Mizanur Khan moderated the event.

There were presentations from Againity AB, Elin Ledskog, HealthOS AB, Faisal Mahmud and Utvyakta Solutions by Frederik Vyncke about their companies and business activities. The event discussed different business opportunities and possibilities followed by a Q&A session and discussions. 

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H.E. Ambassador Ms Berg von Linde started to thank Mizanur Khan and SBBC for the very inspiring and good work for the member companies in SBBC. She expressed her optimism for potential good business, especially when the pandemic will slow down in Bangladesh.

The Ambassador informed about a special digital event that was arranged with the Nordic Chambers of Commerce and Industry (NCCI) together with all Nordic Embassies in Dhaka. Participants from Nordic Embassies, business communities and representatives from the government of Bangladesh were discussing how to develop business between countries. Nordic Embassies and  EU partners are also focusing on and  helping BIDA  ‘‘Easy Doing Business‘‘  in Bangladesh.The Ambassador can see business opportunities in Bangladesh in general, and within the areas of environment, energy and green business especially

The economy will continue to increase even after the pandemic and when this time comes, the Ambassador is welcoming all business companies to the Swedish Embassy in Dhaka, in order to discuss business ideas or in which ways the embassy could be helpful. It is important though to send an e-mail ahead to the Embassy for their planning!  

H.E. Ambassador Mr. Md. Nazmul Islam also thanked SBBC and Mizanur Khan for the ongoing and very good co-operation. The Ambassador mentioned about the business meeting, organized by NCCI and the Nordic Embassies in Bangladesh; he said it was a  very positive and open discussion to develop business with the Bangladesh government inviting Nordic industries to establish in Bangladesh. 

He also mentioned the potential in different seaport projects in the next 2 years, where there will be many investment proposals on offer. Bangladesh has established  many economic zones, one stop service and other facilities to investors; he invites Swedish industries to take the opportunities available here. The government is now working intensively with the economic situation in all regions and creating a business-friendly  environment for investors.

As Bangladesh is planning to celebrate 50 years of independence this year on March 26, the Embassy has plans for different seminars and other activities in Sweden, Norway and Finland, which will be announced later however, due to the pandemic situation. The Ambassador also mentioned the difficulties with postponed or delayed projects in Bangladesh, caused by the pandemic. The current needs are for instance to build hospitals, develop the health sector, and to get technically good and educated staff to the different projects.

The Ambassador will continuously inform the development in these areas and share with SBBC, its members and the Swedish companies which the Embassy will support and cooperate with. Finally, the Ambassador said that his team is looking forward to good cooperation and good business between the countries.  

Presentation of companies:

Againity AB by Elin Ledskog.  We turn your waste into electric power. The Againity waste-to-energy plant is a solution that converts waste into electricity and hot water. For the presentation CLICK here>>> 

HealthOS AB by Faisal Mahmud. HealthOS sells medicines to pharmacies in a market with 170 million people. They  provide stable, transparent and favourable prices with same day delivery and an amazing customer experience. For the presentation CLICK here>>> 

Utvyakta Solutions by Frederik Vyncke. Utvyakta is building an energy efficient organisation through digital transformation. The solution improves the efficiency for the same output, in the range of 10-25%; it is also  increasing workforce productivity at the same cost of operation and provides the real time visibility of critical assets for efficient planning and demand side view (supplier, customer, sales, management). For the presentation CLICK here>>>

Pictures from the event:

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