SBBC’s Annual General Meeting 2016 and presentation of activities in Bangladesh by TenderEasy AB and Hungerprojektet

The Sweden-Bangladesh Business Council (SBBC) held its  Annual General Meeting on Thursday, 17th May 2016 at Svensk Handel, Stockholm. The meeting was attended by #SBBC members and their network. The program commenced with a welcome greeting by #SBBC chairman Mizanur Khan. He presented the Annual Report, covering the highlights of the previous year and financial statements for the year ending 31st December 2014. The Auditor of the council Anders Haag presented his audit report. AGM reviewed all reports and approved them.  AGM has appointed Fredrik Fexe and Christina af Klint as election committee and Anders Haag has been appointed as Statutory Auditor for the year 2016

AGM was followed by guest speakers, 

Mr. Johan Vagerstam, CEO, Tender Easy AB, “Business in Bangladesh”. TenderEasy is the freight cost optimization SaaS cloud based platform, to reduce your freight cost and manage all types of transport tenders and rates, easy to integrate with your ERP system, the strategic e-sourcing tool for logistics purchasers. It has its software development team, Quality Assurance and support services in Dhaka. 

Ms. Sara Wettergren, CEO, Hungerprojektet Sweden, ”Activities in Bangladesh” Hunger project is a non-profit organization that works to eliminate hunger and poverty. We focus on women education in order to strengthen and empower them to fight poverty. It gives permanent results and genuine belief in the future. 

Prior to the conclusion of the meeting, SBBC Executive Committee extended appreciation and gratitude to all Members, Embassies, Sponsors and their network for their dedication and commitment in taking the Council forward.  The program concluded over a mingle with finger food and networking among the participants.

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