SBBC’s breakfast meeting hosted by Hifab International AB

Onsdag 28 oktober 2015

SBBC’s breakfast meeting on the 28th October 2015 with Hifab International AB – “Doing business in Bangladesh” was held at Hifab AB’s Head Quarters in Stockholm, Sweden.  Members, network and representatives from Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Embassy of Bangladesh were present among the guests. 

Participants were welcomed by Mizanur Khan, chairman of the board of SBBC and after his introduction, Mr. Kåre Sundin, Executive Director of Hifab International AB presented the company and its activities in Bangladesh. He shared Hifab’s 27 year-long- experience of doing business in Bangladesh. He has also brought up Hifab’s views on management, cultural issues, strength and difficulties in Bangladesh. He mentioned that at times it’s very different doing business with local partners and sub contractors in Bangladesh.  Competition is very high and it is really hard to get established as a new player in this market. It needs other strategies and a different approach. 

Mr Kåre also mentioned that Hifab has become an experienced and appreciated development partner in fields such as infrastructure development, rural development, water supply, power transmission and education. They have permanent representation in Dhaka and it gives them opportunities to stay close to the market. Hifab is very proud of their mixed gender team at their office in Dhaka. 

After Mr. Kåre’s presentation there were some discussions and mingle among the participants. Mizanur Khan thanked Mr. Kåre Sundin, his team and Hifab AB for hosting and sponsoring the breakfast meeting on behalf of SBBC and the participants.

Pictures from this meeting>>

SBBC is a networking organization for companies or institutions who have a genuine interest in doing business in or with Bangladesh. If you have any questions please drop a mail to and for membership visit SBBC’s website and apply online.

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